Language of Instruction and Academic Year in South Korea

Language of Instruction

In South Korea, Korean is the language of instruction in many schools and higher education institutions. Programmes in English are also offered.

Academic Year

The academic year in South Korea is split into 2 terms-

First term: Commences from 2nd March, unless it is a Friday or the weekend and goes on until mid-July. In mid-July, summer break starts for primary and secondary schools in South Korea and continues till late-August. For Universities and Colleges in South Korea, summer vacation starts from mid-June and continues until late August.

Second term: Commences in late August (after the summer vacations) and continues till mid February. During the second term, winter vacations occur. The winter vacations starts from late December and goes on until late January. There are 2 weeks of primary and secondary schools in the month of February and after that there is a 2-week-interval before the new academic year begins in March.

Kids in South Korea spend about 220 days a year in School at all the three levels-Primary, Middle and High Schools.

School Hours 

For Primary School 

The classes for the lower grades, i.e. Grades 1-3, starts at 8:30am and runs until 2:00pm 

The classes for the upper grades, i.e. Grades 4-6, starts at about 9:00am and goes on until 3:00pm.
Each class duration is 40 minutes 

For Middle School

The school hours for middle school are usually from 8:00am to 3:30pm, wherein each class span is about 45 minutes. 

For High School

The school hours for high school are generally from 8:00am to 4:00pm, wherein each class lasts for 50 minutes. 
In high school, the senior students are at times required to stay until 9:00pm or later for self-study or extra class. Teachers rotate and the pupils are asked to stay in their classroom except for certain classes such as Physical Education, Science labs and Music.
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