CSAT: College Scholastic Ability Test in South Korea

College Scholastic Ability Test or CSAT (also known as Suneung), developed and supervised by the Korea Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation, is a kind of standardized test used for admissions by Universities and Colleges in South Korea. To make it to the Universities in South Korea, CSAT is the test to pass with perfect scores. It was made official in 1994. Students can select the subjects or areas of study of the test on the basis of the underlying rule of the 7th National Curriculum that emphasize on the needs, learning abilities, interests and career goals of the pupils. The test assesses the thinking skills and the understanding ability of the candidates on a range of subjects. The test is provided every year in November. The exact dates may vary. 

CSAT Selection Subjects and Tests

CSAT consists of six tests which cover the subjects of various fields as followed:

1. Language Arts
  • Common subjects: Reading, Literature
  • Elective subjects: Speech and Writing, Language & Media
2. Mathematics
  • Common subjects: Math I, Math II
  • Elective subjects: Probability and Statistics, Calculus, Geometry
3. English
  • English I and English II
4. Korean History
  • Korean History
5. Inquiry
  • Social Studies: Life & Ethics, Ethics & Thoughts, Korean Geography, World Geography, East Asian History, World History, Economics, Politics & Law, Society & Culture
  • Science: Physics I, Chemistry I, Life Science I, Earth Science I, Physics II, Chemistry II, Life Science II, Earth Science II
Up to two can be selected out the seventeen subjects from Social Studies and Science
  • Vocational Education
    • Common subject: Successful Life in the Work
    • Elective subjects: Agricultural Basic Techniques, General Industry, Commercial Economy, Basic Fishery & Shipping Industry, Human Development
One or two subjects can be taken
Case 1: Taking one of the five elective subjects
Case 2: Taking one common subject and one from the elective subjects

6. Foreign Language/Classical Chinese
  • One can be selected from: German I, French I, Spanish I, Chinese I, Japanese I, Russian I, Arabic I, Vietnamese I, Classical Chinese I
Candidates MAY:
  • take all or some of the tests in five study areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, English, Inquiry(Social Studies, Science, or Vocational Education), and Foreign Language/Classical Chinese.
  • take one common subject and one elective subject for each area in Language Arts and Mathematics.
  • take up to two subjects out of 17 subjects in Social Studies and Science.
  • take one or two subjects in Vocational Education.
    • Case 1: One from five elective subjects
    • Case 2: One common subject and one elective subject
  • take one out of nine subjects in Foreign Language/Classical Chinese.

CSAT Score Report 

  • CSAT Score Report contains the student information, subject test taken, standard score, percentile rank, and grades for each subject test.
  • The percentile is a comparison score between a particular students' score and the scores of the rest of the group. It shows the percentage of students whose scores fell below the student in concern.
  • For Language Arts, Mathematics, and Inquiry Areas, ‘Level’ refer to the stanine score, where the raw score is scaled on a nine-point standard scale. Level 1 is the highest level and Level 9 is the lowest level.
  • The level of Korean History and Foreign Languages/Classical Chinese is determined by taking raw scores in five-point increments while that of English is determined by ten-point increments. For instance, English raw scores within 90 and 100 are Level 1, scores within 80 and 89 are Level 2, and so on through Level 9. As for Korean History, scores within 40 and 50 are Level 1, scores within 35 and 39 are Level 2, and so on through Level 9. As for Foreign Languages/Classical Chinese, scores within 45 and 50 are Level 1, scores within 40 and 44 are Level 2, and so on through Level 9.Registration, Fees and Schedule

CSAT Registration

You can register for CSAT at the official website. The fee varies. Visit the CSAT Official Website www.suneung.re.kr to know more about the registration and fees.
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